Internatiol Environenmental Engineering Congress | 2019

Internatiol Environenmental Engineering Congress - 2019

Congress Topics

Congress Topics

  • 1.Environment Management Systems, Application and Tools

    2.Assessment, Tracking, Analysis and Measurement of Environmental Systems

    3.Management of Environmental Politics

    4.Informatics Technologies in Environmental Engineering

    5.Environment and Energy

    6.Management of Natural Resources

    7.Education of Environmental Engineering

    8.Organising and Interdisciplinary Relations in Environmental Engineering

    9.Ethics of Environment and Engineering

    10.Environmental Economics

    11.Environmental Law

    12.Environmental Effect(ÇED/EE) and Risk Assessment

    13. Solid Waste

    14.Industrial and Dangerous Waste Management

    15.Air Pollution Control

    16Noise and Noise Mitigation

    17.Control of Smell Emissions

    18.Urban Transformation and Local Managements

    19.Preventive Environmental Management, Clean Production and Pollution Prevention

    20. Water and Wastewater Refining

    21.Management and Disposition of Treatment Sludge

    22.Water and Soil Management

    23.Basin and Water Quality Management

    24.Climate Change

    25.Sustainibility, Globalization and International Cooperation

    26.Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Hydrogen)

    27. Current Issues in Food Security