Internatiol Environenmental Engineering Congress | 2019

Internatiol Environenmental Engineering Congress - 2019



Imbalances on the production and consumption in the face of a globalizing world, limited natural resources and inefficiency of environmental management policies have shown the importance of environmental issues and environmental management. The main reasons for the destruction of the natural balance are pollution and destruction of the environment. With the large increase of environmental pollution, various precautions are being taken, disposition techniques are being developped and researches on preserving natural sources and creating sustainibility for a safer environment are being done. It is one of the main duties of TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers to bring the current technology and science to our colleagues and make them involve with the process.

The main purpose of the congress is to create a circuit of knowledge and experience, discuss the issues in a healthy, comfortable manner and in the main aim of a sustainable energy, to bring solutions to environmental issues in our country.

In the light of this purpose, it is being aimed to meet all the academicians, students, any corporation and individual who take part in the environmental field on this convention.

For this purpose, &ldquo13. National-1. International Environmental Engineering Convention&rdquo will take place in Kocaeli, by the Chamber and Gebze Technical University between October 10-11-12th 2019, to discuss the latest events in environmental engineering and international environmental issues in a scientific manner.

The convention will aim to discuss the environmental problems which we are facing both as a country and as a planet, such as the usage of renewable energy resources, climate change, global warming, access to healthy food, waste waters, waste management, environmental management etc.        

In this manner, the applicants will be informed by both personal presentations and panels/seminars by the top professional academicians from Turkey and all around the globe.

It is an utmost fact that the international structure of the convention is an important asset in representing the city of Kocaeli, its dynamics and its universities.

Environmental Engineering convention takes places under the patronage of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. We wish that you give the necessary support to our convention, and wish you well in your work.

With kindest regards in the name of the Convention Organisation Board,


Head of Convention Organisation Board

Professional Env. Eng. / Oceanograph

TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers Head of Kocaeli Charter